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For People That Enjoy Sports, But LOVE To Socialize!

Celebrating 20 Years of Amazing Memories 1998-2018

CO-ED FALL FOOTBALL ( Click Here For League Details )  Football · Co-Ed CHOOSE DIVISIONS IN SIGN UPS

Requires Player Membership
Fall 2019
Sep 14 ’19
Nov 10 ’19
Registration Dates:
Jul 25 ’19 – Aug 29 ’19 early bird
Aug 30 ’19 – Sep 7 ’19 regular
Sep 8 ’19 – Sep 10 ’19 late
Looney's Pub & Kisling's Tavern
Super-Extreme Social,  Extreme Social - Less Filling,  Extreme Social - Tastes Great
Minimum age:
21 years old
Age as of:
Sep 15 ’18
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 10:00am to 5:00pm

8 v 8 Coed Touch Football

Sign Up For a Team Fees
Early Bird $55.00 per player
Regular $65.00 per player
Late $65.99 per player
Individuals Fees
Early Bird $55.00
Regular $65.00
Late $65.99


Sign up a team or as an individual to stay active, have way too much fun and meet lifelong friends at our sponsor bars before or after your game!
No experience is necessary as BSSC creates a fun social atmosphere with (3) levels of athletic ability that never uses the word competitive in their description.
Get ready to bring your uncontrollable desire for having a blast and remember:
BSSC, For People Who Enjoy Sports, But LOVE To Socialize!

CLICK HERE for more information on how to sign up for the league

Start Date: Saturday, September 14th, 2019
Times: 10:00am- 4:00pm
Locations: Most games at Joseph Lee Park, only (1) field in Patterson Park, (see site for maps)
Season format: Teams will play a 7-week regular season schedule with week 8 starting the post season for teams that qualify. Teams that did not qualify for the post season, will play an 8th week consolation game. Week 9 will be slated completion of the post season.  
Makeup Games: Rained out games will be placed throughout the season and at the end of the season. Please follow the rain out date on the website when determining your game time/field location.

Extreme Social: Teams that have intermediate athletic skills and love to socialize. Sub Leagues of Extreme:
  Tastes Great: Teams with upper intermediate athletic skills.
  Less Filling: Teams with lower intermediate athletic skills.
Super Extreme Social: Teams that have basic athletic skills, but are highly skilled in socializing.
*Note: Super Extreme Social does NOT offer postseason games.

- (8) games total broken up into 7 regular season games, plus 8th Consolation OR Post Season game.
- (8) Miller Lite pitcher vouchers for the season.  Each team will receive (4) FREE Miller Lite pitchers vouchers for each sponsor bar.
-Medstar Sports Medicine ATC at field location and access to the MedStar Sports Medicine network
- Qualified referee and other staff trained by BSSC
- Fields lined with paint and cone set up for front/back end zone, midfield etc.
- BSSC current league T-shirt for each participant
- Specials at our official BSSC sponsor bars
- Field rental for each location and set-up of field equipment where applicable.  
- Participation in charitable and social events
- The opportunity to socialize with other BSSC members!

We invite and encourage you to join your fellow BSSC members at the official sponsor bars after each game to accrue valuable Social Points (SP) to be used throughout the season. Miller Lite products and our official bar sponsors help to keep the costs of the BSSC affordable to everyone. Bars contribute to our sponsorship program because of the large economic impact members have on their business. Competing bars in the area did not contribute to making the BSSC affordable to its members. Therefore, out of respect to the sponsors; on game days, please patronize only those sponsor bars that are supporting you and the BSSC.
More important, the official sponsor bars are where the entire league goes to grab a cold Miller Lite, meet old friends and make new ones. The names of our sponsor bars are provided on the website, at the beginningof this publication, and on your league shirts.

- After your game, visit any of the above league sponsor bar(s) and take your BSSC team photo. Go to the BSSC Facebook Page and post your photo ( Please include your coach, team name and team #.  While you are there enjoy our beverage specials and meet a ton of new friends !
- For each teammate in the photo, you will receive ONE Social Point for that week. Number of teammates in each photo is crucial because of the value they for the Post Season.

- If there is a regular season point total tie, the team will the most social points will become the higher seed.  Ex. If (16) teams make the Post Season and (4) teams have the same record to become the final16th seed, the team with the highest Social Point total will become the 16th seed.  
- You can still WIN even if your team didn't make the Post Season !
..... A $50 " Top Social Point Team" voucher will be given,to the team who accrues the most social points from week 1-7.

- All BSSC participants must be at least 21 years old before the season starts.
- A Division I athlete must wait five years before participating in the BSSC. This restriction does not apply to a non-similar sport (e.g., D I football player may play BSSC FOOTBALL, but not football.)
- Players who have participated in professional sports are not allowed in the BSSC at any time. This includes leagues that use "Professional" in their name. (e.g.Professional Women's Tackle League)
- Players/teams athletic ability may not exceed division definitions listed above (e.g., Social league ability may not play in the Extreme Social or Super X leagues).
- Teams will forfeit all games if these rules are broken or player(s) removed from the league.
- Because the BSSC is a social league, players are able to play for more than one team during the season.
- Players will pay (2) league fees for those sports and sign each teams roster.
- Players cannot exceed the athletic ability of the league descriptions on either team. Ex. A player in the Extreme Taste Great league, cannot play in the Super-X league.

- Once the BSSC has entered a coaches name online for the current season, the deposit paid at sign-ups is non-refundable. Once tee shirts are ordered, teams are responsible for the total remaining team balance.
Current Individual/Team Player
- Once a coach has ordered team T-shirts, the current player(s) /individual league fee is non-refundable.
- Injured Player (Injury MUST be sustained playing a BSSC sport outlined in a BSSC injury report)
- A league fee credit will be given if a players injury precludes them from finishing out the season.
- The league fee credit will be used for the next BSSC sport that they participate in.
- Every BSSC player should sign up for our text service when registering for the league.  Make sure you select "TEXT" in your personal online profile.

- The BSSC is the ONLY sports & social league in MARYLAND to have an affiliation with MedStar Sports Medicine.
- Although ALL BSSC sports are non-contact, as with all physical activities, people may occasionally sustain an injury. Should this occur, the BSSC has entered into an agreement with MedStar Sports Medicine to provide prompt medical care (for its members) at any one of the four Baltimore-area MedStar hospitals. These hospitals include: Franklin Square, Good Samaritan, Harbor and Union Memorial.
 What is MedStar Sports Medicine and how can it help you as a member of the BSSC ?
Should an injury occur, you will receive a MedStar Sports Medicine identification card provided by a BSSC Staff member.
Your affiliation with the BSSC helps to get you "fast tracked" through the Emergency Department ONLY at the above participating MedStar hospitals.
MedStar Sports Medicine is NOT an insurance company, so it will not pay for any medical claims. Simply present your MedStar Sports Medicine ID card to the Emergency Room registrar (or tell the registration staff person you are a member of the BSSC) and their staff of sports medicine specialists will help to get you back in the game again!
This ID card does NOT provide insurance coverage nor will BSSC be liable for any medical expenses.
If you waived medical attention at the field but later you feel the need to be seen by a professional, please contact the BSSC so they may refer you to MedStar Sports Medicine or if you have a question regarding the services provided to BSSC members by MedStar Sports Medicine, call Jen Pritchett, 410-772-6516, during regular business hours.   

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Now accepting registrations!

Get the 'Early Bird Special' until August 29. Sign Up For a Team members save $10.00. Individuals s save $10.00.

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